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About Me

Daydreamer Arts has been years in the making.  I started at a young age expressing myself via art.  But like many artists, family pressure and the need to pay the bills pushed me into the corporate world.  For a long time I was a textile artist, designing and working with fabrics.  Then I found pottery!!!  I found that my textile experience dovetails very neatly into pottery handbuilding. 

My pottery is all handbuilt, meaning I do not use a wheel to produce my pottery.  I hope that it provides the same joy to you as it did for me to make it.  I like creating objects that reflect nature and make me smile.  

My other businesses are Gusten's Restoration Studio where we provide expert repair and restoration services for broken pottery, ceramics and art objects since 1994. The second business is Blue Frog Art and Vintage Finds is a very recent addition which provides an outlet for my other lifelong passion...collecting old and curious things, as well as a place to display sell my artwork.  Blue Frog is physically located within Your Home Marketplace at 670 South Stratford Road, Winston-Salem, NC.  

My work will be on display at Your Home Marketplace at 670 South Stratford Road, Winston-Salem NC. 

My booth is upstairs on the right side aisle.  It's the one painted red.


Slab Roller where I start it all.

Pottery Work Table.jpg

My pottery table where I work the slabs

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